On this page, you can find recordings of the individual types of meditation as discussed during the workshop. All recordings are in MP3 and you can download them and us them as you wish. In general, most people begin with meditations through guided meditation while listening to recordings and gradually move to meditation without external guidance (for those forms where it’s possible). However, there are people who have been meditating for decades only with guided meditation recordings. It’s purely about what suits you personally the best.

Important warning – It is quite normal that everyone prefers a different kind of meditation. If you find out during your meditation practice that a particular technique does not suit you or even cause you some unpleasant feelings, it is okay to stop. If you experience any problems with breathing or any unpleasant experience in your body, it is okay to stop. Use only those meditation techniques which suit you personally and make you feel better.

One more important note – If you find yourself thinking about going somewhere else during your meditation practice, it’s absolutely normal. Once you realize this, accept that you’ve been thinking of something else and concentrate back on the main ‘anchor’ of meditation (breath, movement, object, part of your body, imagination, etc.).

If you want to learn more about meditation and its benefits, read this article (via Google Translate). If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, you can add them to the discussion at the end of this article (you can use a nickname if you want to) or contact me personally.

Breath Based Techniques

Basic Pranayama – Ayurvedic medicine
Squeeze your right nostril by your thumb, breathe in by your left nostril.
Release your right nostril and by little finger of the same hand squeeze your left nostril.
Breathe out by your right nostril. Breathe in by your right nostril.
Release your left nostril and by the thumb of the same hand squeeze the right nostril.
Breathe out with your left nostril. Breathe in by your left nostril.
Release your right nostril and by little finger of the same hand squeeze your left nostril,…

4-7-8 Breathing – prof. Andrew Weil, University of Arizona, College of Medicine
Download (4:09)

Expansive Breathing – Catherine Spann, Ph. D., University of Colorado, Boulder
Download (8:57)

Coherent Breathing – associate prof. Patricia L. Gerbarg, New York Medical College
Download (4:26)

Basic Breath Meditation (clinical) – prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Download (5:10)

Basic Breath Meditation (Buddhist)
Download (7:31)

Compassion Based Techniques

Self-compassion Break – Associate prof. Kristin Neff, University of California, Los Angeles
Download (6:41)

Loving-kindness Meditation (metta/maitre) – prof. Willem Kuyken, University of Oxford
Download (12:28)

Body Awareness Based Techniques

Grounding – prof. Mirko Frýba, Universität Bern
Download (4:46)

Body Scan Sitting Meditation – UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
Download (9:17)

Walking Meditation – Dr. Rebecca Crane, Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University
Download (6:33)

Yoga Nidra – Indian Buddhism
Download (22:07)

Mantra Based Techniques

Om Meditation – Indian Buddhism
Download (4:24)

Christian Meditation  – The World Community for Christian Meditation
We close our eyes, breathe with our nose and focus our full attention on continual (silent) repetition of mantra e.g. Maranatha.
Download (2:31)

Focus Based Techniques

Attention Focusing – prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Download (4:37)

Koan Practice – Zen
Download Everyday Life is the Path (2:26)
Download Our Senses (2:04)
Download The Best Piece of Meat (1:50)

Koan Practice without introduction
– Zen
Download What is Enlightenment (0:19)
Download What is the Way (0:53)
Download Heaven and Hell (1:18)

Imagination Based Techniques

God Meditation – Tibetan Buddhism
Download (9:06)

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