7 proven ways how to overcome a depression

Depression is an uninvited mate most of us would like to get rid of as soon as it appears. In fact psychologist discovered that the longer you stay depressed, the worse effect it has on your motivation, your level of happiness and your health. Thankfully there are proven ways, how to support your struggle against the depression and we are bringing you 7 proven tips that will help you to win that fight. Pokračovat ve čtení „7 proven ways how to overcome a depression“

You’re not happy or satisfied? An inner conflict might be hidden

Perhaps you know it. A nagging feeling that something is not right, that nothing makes you happy and you honestly don’t not know why. For example, you react with annoyance to people even though they haven’t done anything bad to you. According to Carl Ransom Rogers, founder of humanistic psychotherapy, a large part of our life dissatisfaction stems from internal dissonance, the difference between what we do and what we would like to do, or — even worse — what we never ever wanted to do at all. This discrepancy may be the reason for depression and sometimes even quite serious mental disorders, psychosomatic problems and, in severe cases, even dissociative identity disorder. Pokračovat ve čtení „You’re not happy or satisfied? An inner conflict might be hidden“